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An Ottawa, Canada based podcast focusing on the Marvel: Crisis Protocol miniatures game from Atomic Mass Games.

Episode 0.875 - How to Start Playing Crisis Protocol, Fall 2021 Edition - Part 2

August 31, 2021

This episode serves as a refresh to Episode 0.5 and delves into more topics that will be of use to newbies and beginners regarding Marvel: Crisis Protocol.  Chandler joins Marc once more to go into core strategy concepts that make this game so interesting, and also participates in the brainstorm of a roster to show how players might come up and create one themselves.  This episode is aimed at players who understand the rules of MCP but want to get an introduction to the strategy that surrounds the game.

0:00 Conditions
12:07 How to Build Your Roster
23:13 How to Win The Crisis
27:05 Building Your Squad from a Roster
29:14 Who is the Beatdown?
34:58 Sample Roster Building - Web Warriors Brainstorm
1:04:58 Common Strategies in MCP

Rdyteach's Roster-building masterclass: https://www.coaxiumgaming.com/crisis-response-criminal-syndicate-at-each-threat-level/
Who is the Beatdown?: https://articles.starcitygames.com/articles/whos-the-beatdown/
Danger Room - Browser-based roster builder: https://dangerroomapp.com/
Assemble: Mobile app roster builder: https://acrossthebifrost.com/2020/11/17/assemble-links-for-android-and-pc-standalone/