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An Ottawa, Canada based podcast focusing on the Marvel: Crisis Protocol miniatures game from Atomic Mass Games.

January 12, 2022

Episode 47 - Grunts and Red Skull Redemption 2

The boys are joined by Jordan to ring in the new year and chat about the very recently revealed Grunt rules.  The bulk of the episode is spent chatting Red Skull Cabal and how such a roster can work in the current meta, with a big emphasis on playing a tall squad of 4 characters.  Lastly, the guys talk about their hopes for their hobbying in the coming year.

GruntChat: 2:00
CabalSkullChat: 20:25
Resolutions: 1:10:00

Jordan's Roster:

Characters (10):

*Red Skull (Threat: 4) M.O.D.O.K. (Threat: 5) Enchantress (Threat: 4) Vision (Threat: 4) Baron Zemo (Threat: 3) Domino (Threat: 3) *Hulkbuster (Threat: 6) Hood (Threat: 3) Bullseye (Threat: 2) *Kingpin (Threat: 4)

Tactics (10):

A.I.M. Lackeys; Brace for Impact (R); Disarm; Follow Me; Blind Obsession; Dark Reign; Sacrifice; Patch Up (R); All According to Plan; Cosmic Invigoration

Secure Crisis:

Gamma Wave Sweeps Across Midwest (Threat: 15); Intrusions Open Across City as Seals Collapse (Threat: 19); Mutant Madman Turns City Center Into Lethal Amusement Park (Threat: 18)

Extract Crisis:

Research Station Attacked! (Threat: 16); The Montesi Formula Found (Threat: 17); Fear Grips World as "Worthy" Terrorize Cities (Threat: 18)

December 8, 2021

Episode 46 - A Brave New World Part 2, First Turn Plays and Hulkbuster‘s Debut

The guys finish off the review of the new cards by discussing the changes to Okoye, Winter Soldier, Black Panther and Hulk.  They then talk about the overall impact to turn 1 plays caused by the toning down of various tactics cards and crisis selection, and also discuss what options remain to players looking for explosive openers.  Lastly, they talk about recent games with high-threat models, with a particular focus on Hulkbuster and his ability to zip around the table while controlling enemy models.

Marc's Roster:

She Hulk, Hulk, Hulkbuster, Captain America (Sam Wilson), Enchantress, War Machine, Vision, Okoye, Angela, Wasp

Special Delivery, Avengers Assemble, Disarm, Field Dressing, Medpack, Bird of Prey, Blind Obsession, Gamma Launch, Sacrifice, Mission Objective

Gamma Wave, Intrusions, Meteors

Skrulls, Power Core, Research Station

December 1, 2021

Episode 45 - A Brave New World & the Windsor Invitational

The guys take their first big bite out of the fully spoiled new rules, and tackle the B&R update, the new Tactics Cards and the changes to the rulebook.  Back from their Windsor road trip, Seva and Marc talk about their recent experience playing a buttload of games at a small, weekend-long event with a bevy of new models and rosters.  They talk about standout impressions over the weekend, including Juggernaut, (She) Hulk, Voodoo, single-extract Crises and the effect the new B&R list has had on their choices of tactics cards.

Marc's Web-Force roster:

She-Hulk, Domino, Angela, Okoye, Hulk, Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man (Miles), Ghost Spider, Moon Knight, Vision (or Voodoo)

Tactics Cards:
Field Dressing, Medpack, Spider-Tracker, All Webbed Up, Stalwart Determination, Special Delivery, Disarm, Advanced R&D, Blind Obsession, Smash

Gamma Wave, Infinity Formula, Intrusions

Wakandan Herb, Alien Power Core, Skrulls, 

November 23, 2021

Episode 44 - Second Mutant Wave Dump and the Future Belongs to the Tanks

The guys spend most of this episode tearing into the very exciting Juggernaut, Gambit and Colossus cards that were generously spoiled just a few days ago.  While the episode was recorded before the big November 22 2021 update, they muse about how life will be in a post-All You've Got world, and how they expect it will lead to a resurgence of tanky, high-threat models in the game.

December 11 Montreal tournament: https://www.facebook.com/events/592125895366774?acontext=%7B%22event_action_history%22%3A[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22group%22%7D]%7D

As usual, all cards can be found on www.mcpdb.com 

November 16, 2021

Episode 43 - ReGuardians of the Galaxy and the New & Improved X-Men Roster

Devin and Marc are joined by a special guest from Montreal, Simon (aka Vodkablitz), and they chat about the new Black Order changes.  Marc delves into some recent games with his new Guardians of the Galaxy roster, and then Simon delves into the X-Men roster he has been terrorizing his meta with.

Marc's Guardians Roster:

Star-Lord (Threat: 3) / Gamora (Threat: 4) / Rocket Raccoon (Threat: 2) / Groot (Threat: 3) / Nebula (Threat: 2) / Angela (Threat: 5) / Vision (Threat: 4) / Amazing Spider-Man (Threat: 5) / Ghost-Spider (Threat: 3) / Enchantress (Threat: 4)

Tactics Cards:

Lovable Misfits / Crew of the Milano / Field Dressing ® / Medpack ® / Follow Me / Disarm / Advanced R&D / Mission Objective / Blind Obsession / Deadly Duo

Secure Crisis (3):

Riots Spark Over Extremis 3.0 (Threat: 17) / Cosmic Invasion! Black Order Descends on Earth (Threat: 16) / Mayor Fisk Vows to Find Missing Witnesses (Threat: 16)

Extract Crisis (3):

Fear Grips World as "Worthy" Terrorize Cities (Threat: 18) / Spider-Infected Invade Manhattan (Threat: 17) / Struggle for the Cube Continues (Threat: 17)

Simon’s X-Men Roster

Baron Mordo: 3 / Beast: 3 / Cable: 5 / Cyclops: 4 / Doctor Voodoo: 4 / Domino: 3 / Jean Grey: 5 / Omega Red: 4 / Storm: 3 / Wolverine: 4

[Team Tactics]

Advanced R&D /  All You've Got / Brace for Impact / Children of the Atom / Disarm / First Class / Mental Domination / To Me, My X-men!

[Extract Crises]

- Fear Grips World as "Worthy" Terrorize Cities [D]: 18 / Spider-Infected Invade Manhattan [F]: 17 / Struggle for the Cube Continues [F]: 17

[Secure Crises]

Infinity Formula Goes Missing [B]: 17 / Mutant Madman Turns City Center Into Lethal Amusement Park [B]: 18 / Portals Overrun City with Spider-People [D]: 18

November 9, 2021

Episode 42 - Updated Card-stravaganza and Avengers Tournament Report

The guys tackle the bulk of updated card reveals including Enchantress, Medusa, Valkyrie, Iron Man, Kingpin, Bullseye, Ultron, Ghost Rider and Captain Marvel.  They also discuss the changes to the Space and Time Gems, as well as the much larger change regarding the selection of Threat Value vis-à-vis the winner of the priority roll.  Lastly, Marc gives a short report of a recent Montreal tournament where he took Pat Dunford's Avengers roster out for a spin.

Pat's TTS Season 6 Finals Roster: https://tabletop.to/season-6-league-finals/list/patrick-dunford2

October 19, 2021

Episode 41 - ”New” Leaders, Dr Voodoo‘s Life of Crime and Avengers for Days

The guys look at the recently spoiled Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Ultron & Guardians of the Galaxy cards and give their thoughts about how they will shape up once the update hits.  They also chat about Dr Voodoo in the context of Criminal Syndicate (he's real good) and talk about their many, many games with Avengers.

Pat vs Jacob TTS Round 4 Game: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1177622325

October 12, 2021

Episode 40 - ”New” Tactics Cards & the 2021 Avengers Roster

The guys start musing about which tactics cards they will start including more once the new rules hit in November, and use the opportunity to create a new Avengers roster with those same new rules.  Make sure to also check out the Morlocks podcast if you're looking for deep dives into some of the game's less-played characters: https://morlockmcp.podbean.com/

Characters (10):

Threat: 40

Captain America (Steve Rogers) (Threat: 4)

Captain America (Sam Wilson) (Threat: 3)

Hulkbuster (Threat: 6)

Hulk (Threat: 6)

Doctor Voodoo (Threat: 4)

Ancient One (Threat: 4)

Okoye (Threat: 2)

Luke Cage (Threat: 3)

Vision (Threat: 4)

Mordo (Threat: 3)

Tactics (10):

Avengers Assemble

Field Dressing (R)

All You’ve Got (R)

Bitter Rivals

Gamma Launch

Heroes for Hire

Follow Me


Climbing Gear

Blind Obsession


     Crisis - Secure

Intrusions - 19

Demons Downtown - 19

Terrigen Mists - 20


Crisis - Extract

Spider-Infected - 17

Montesi Formula - 17

Research Station - 16

October 5, 2021

Episode 39 - Incoming Card Revisions & October Tourney Report

The guys dive into the first five revised cards that have been spoiled, namely Captain America, Hulk, MODOK, Shuri and Green Goblin. Marc then provides a summary of his games at the recent FdB tourney, where some rather unusual lists popped up and had some stunning successes.  They wrap things up with some discussion about Dr Voodoo, All You've Got and Bitter Rivals.

Marc's Roster:

Doctor Strange, Soul Gem, Valkyrie, Iron Fist, Scarlet Witch, Ancient One, Hawkeye, Mordo, Okoye, Doctor Voodoo

Pentagrams of Farallah, All You've Got, Field Dressing, Advanced R&D, Heroes for Hire, Bitter RIvals, No More Mutants, Blind Obsession

Infinity Formula, Demons Downtown, Intrusions Open // Hammers, Legacy Virus, Spider Infected

September 21, 2021

Episode 38 - Enter the Convocation and Season 6 TTS Stats

The guys dive into the sparse MCP news before taking a hard look at the Season 6 TTS statistics.  Lastly, they dive into recent games with the Convocation Affiliation and present a couple of tentative rosters for the future. Turns out Iron-Bound Books are pretty good!

Season 6 TTS Article: https://xavier-protocols.com/2021/09/18/season-6-roster-stats/

Current Convo Roster:

Strange 1, Soul Gem, Strange 2, Ancient One, Mordo, Wong, Clea, Magik, Mordo, Okoye

Bar With No Doors, Wand of Watoomb. Astral Ring, Iron Bound Books, Brace for Impact, Medpack, Bitter Rivals, Advanced R&D

Second Roster:

Strange 1 + Soul Gem, Strange 2, Ancient One, Mordo, Wong, Clea, Okoye, Iron First, Valkyrie

Bar With No Doors, Wand of Watoomb. Astral Ring, Iron Bound Books, Brace for Impact, Medpack, Bitter Rivals, Advanced R&D, Heroes for Hire, Pentagrams of Farallah

Extract Crisis:

Montesi Formula, Spider-Infected, Struggle for the Cube

Secure Crisis:

Demons Downtown, Infinity Formula, Mutant Madman