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An Ottawa, Canada based podcast focusing on the Marvel: Crisis Protocol miniatures game from Atomic Mass Games.

October 12, 2021

Episode 40 - ”New” Tactics Cards & the 2021 Avengers Roster

The guys start musing about which tactics cards they will start including more once the new rules hit in November, and use the opportunity to create a new Avengers roster with those same new rules.  Make sure to also check out the Morlocks podcast if you're looking for deep dives into some of the game's less-played characters: https://morlockmcp.podbean.com/

Characters (10):

Threat: 40

Captain America (Steve Rogers) (Threat: 4)

Captain America (Sam Wilson) (Threat: 3)

Hulkbuster (Threat: 6)

Hulk (Threat: 6)

Doctor Voodoo (Threat: 4)

Ancient One (Threat: 4)

Okoye (Threat: 2)

Luke Cage (Threat: 3)

Vision (Threat: 4)

Mordo (Threat: 3)

Tactics (10):

Avengers Assemble

Field Dressing (R)

All You’ve Got (R)

Bitter Rivals

Gamma Launch

Heroes for Hire

Follow Me


Climbing Gear

Blind Obsession


     Crisis - Secure

Intrusions - 19

Demons Downtown - 19

Terrigen Mists - 20


Crisis - Extract

Spider-Infected - 17

Montesi Formula - 17

Research Station - 16

October 5, 2021

Episode 39 - Incoming Card Revisions & October Tourney Report

The guys dive into the first five revised cards that have been spoiled, namely Captain America, Hulk, MODOK, Shuri and Green Goblin. Marc then provides a summary of his games at the recent FdB tourney, where some rather unusual lists popped up and had some stunning successes.  They wrap things up with some discussion about Dr Voodoo, All You've Got and Bitter Rivals.

Marc's Roster:

Doctor Strange, Soul Gem, Valkyrie, Iron Fist, Scarlet Witch, Ancient One, Hawkeye, Mordo, Okoye, Doctor Voodoo

Pentagrams of Farallah, All You've Got, Field Dressing, Advanced R&D, Heroes for Hire, Bitter RIvals, No More Mutants, Blind Obsession

Infinity Formula, Demons Downtown, Intrusions Open // Hammers, Legacy Virus, Spider Infected

September 21, 2021

Episode 38 - Enter the Convocation and Season 6 TTS Stats

The guys dive into the sparse MCP news before taking a hard look at the Season 6 TTS statistics.  Lastly, they dive into recent games with the Convocation Affiliation and present a couple of tentative rosters for the future. Turns out Iron-Bound Books are pretty good!

Season 6 TTS Article: https://xavier-protocols.com/2021/09/18/season-6-roster-stats/

Current Convo Roster:

Strange 1, Soul Gem, Strange 2, Ancient One, Mordo, Wong, Clea, Magik, Mordo, Okoye

Bar With No Doors, Wand of Watoomb. Astral Ring, Iron Bound Books, Brace for Impact, Medpack, Bitter Rivals, Advanced R&D

Second Roster:

Strange 1 + Soul Gem, Strange 2, Ancient One, Mordo, Wong, Clea, Okoye, Iron First, Valkyrie

Bar With No Doors, Wand of Watoomb. Astral Ring, Iron Bound Books, Brace for Impact, Medpack, Bitter Rivals, Advanced R&D, Heroes for Hire, Pentagrams of Farallah

Extract Crisis:

Montesi Formula, Spider-Infected, Struggle for the Cube

Secure Crisis:

Demons Downtown, Infinity Formula, Mutant Madman

September 14, 2021

Episode 37 - Ministravaganza 2, Clea spoilers and major changes to MCP

In this longer, news-centric episode, the guys play a bit of catch up and riff about Clea's card before diving into the massive 4 character card, 10 TT card haul that came out of the latest Ministravaganza, before diving into the major changes announced to Crisis Protocol, including roster creation (characters, infinity gems and tactics cards) as well as Crisis selection.

0:00 Intro and Clea Talk

8:11 'Ganza Spoiled Character and Team Tactics Chat (Rogue, Magik, Hulkbuster and Ms Marvel + Tactics Cards)

1:03:51 Intrusions Open Across City as Seals Collapse Chat

1:07:22 Future of MCP Panel Chat

August 31, 2021

Episode 0.875 - How to Start Playing Crisis Protocol, Fall 2021 Edition - Part 2

This episode serves as a refresh to Episode 0.5 and delves into more topics that will be of use to newbies and beginners regarding Marvel: Crisis Protocol.  Chandler joins Marc once more to go into core strategy concepts that make this game so interesting, and also participates in the brainstorm of a roster to show how players might come up and create one themselves.  This episode is aimed at players who understand the rules of MCP but want to get an introduction to the strategy that surrounds the game.

0:00 Conditions
12:07 How to Build Your Roster
23:13 How to Win The Crisis
27:05 Building Your Squad from a Roster
29:14 Who is the Beatdown?
34:58 Sample Roster Building - Web Warriors Brainstorm
1:04:58 Common Strategies in MCP

Rdyteach's Roster-building masterclass: https://www.coaxiumgaming.com/crisis-response-criminal-syndicate-at-each-threat-level/
Who is the Beatdown?: https://articles.starcitygames.com/articles/whos-the-beatdown/
Danger Room - Browser-based roster builder: https://dangerroomapp.com/
Assemble: Mobile app roster builder: https://acrossthebifrost.com/2020/11/17/assemble-links-for-android-and-pc-standalone/

August 31, 2021

Episode 0.75 - How to Start Playing Crisis Protocol, Fall 2021 Edition - Part 1

This episode serves as a starting off point for new players interested in learning about the ins and outs of Crisis Protocol.  This is a refresh of Episode 0 with new tips and goes through the basics of Marvel: Crisis Protocol, and serves as an introduction for anyone looking to learn more about the game but who have played few if any games.

0:00 Introduction
4:32 Characters and Character Cards
12:25 Roster Basics, Leaderships and Affiliation
17:52 Crisis Cards
23:38 Tactics Cards
30:08 Infinity Gems
31:28 Timing Charts
33:33 The dice of Crisis Protocol
34:35 Common Rules Mistakes
45:44 What To Buy First?
55:48 Developing Your Roster After Initial Purchases
1:16:29 How to Buy Terrain

AMG's Organized Play Link: https://www.atomicmassgames.com/marvel/op
How to find which card in which pack: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SixDU2r-48E0HxiSjIRDw4nH1XESdpXbAKzn_fojDAo/edit?usp=sharing
MCP Discord Server: https://discord.gg/d5zAUvk
MCP Rules: https://www.atomicmassgames.com/rules
MCP Rules Forum: https://forums.atomicmassgames.com/forum/12-marvel-crisis-protocol-rules-questions/
MCP Assembly Instructions: https://www.atomicmassgames.com/assembly


August 31, 2021

Episode 36 - Doctor Strange 2: Electric Boogaloo; Dormammu‘s Descent and Ogilvie Open Recap

Seva and Marc dive into the the Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme Spoilers, go into a recap of the recent 8-man tourney they played and Marc provides some details about his recent foray into the Dark Dimension with some mixed things to say about the big bad, Dormammu.

Marc's Syndicate Roster from the tournament:

Kingpin, Killmonger, Black Cat, Mystique, Okoye, Taskmaster, Black Widow, Kraven, MODOK, Carnage

Extremis Consoles, Gamma Wave, Infinity Formula / Mutant Extremists, Research Station, Cubes

All According to Plan, Usurp the Throne, Blind Obsession, All You've Got, Deception, Carnage Rules, Medpack, Bitter Rivals

August 24, 2021

Episode 35 - Hood and Midnight Sons Spoilers, Upcoming Banned & Restricted Update and Jean Grey’s Redemption

The guys tackle the remaining Midnight Sons Spoilers and get to talking about Hood, the almost-but-not-quite leader with a million faces.  They also swap ideas about what the upcoming Banned & Restricted update, and why it should probably include Bitter Rivals.  They also spend some time revisiting a few hot takes that they had, which mostly leads to Marc gushing over Jean Grey in X-Men.

The guys also spend some time disagreeing heavily on how good Carnage is, with some members of the cast taking back their negativity from his reveal episode. 

August 17, 2021

Episode 34 - Voodoo Spoilers, Convocation Cards , Dormammu TTs & the 3-Box Challenge!

The guys begin hacking their way through the bevy of spoilers released in the last week, and talk about:

  • Brother Voodoo's Character Card
  • Midnight Sons' signature TT Card and full affiliation reveal
  • Dormammu's TT Cards
  • Convocation's TT Cards and new leadership
  • Hulkbuster reveal

They also tackle the ever-popular 3-box challenge - Devin walks us through his Asgard roster, Seva tells us about his Brotherhood/Cabal team and Marc proposes a leaderless Spider-Foes roster to round things out.

Devin's boxes: Thor + Valk, Loki + Hela, Angela + Enchantress

Seva's boxes: Magneto + Toad, Beast + Mystique, SW + QS

Marc's boxes: Lizard + Kraven, Mysterio + Carnage, Hela + Loki

The release tracker referenced in the cast: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SixDU2r-48E0HxiSjIRDw4nH1XESdpXbAKzn_fojDAo/edit?usp=sharing

August 10, 2021

Episode 33 - Dormammu + Convocation Spoilers, and the SamVengers Roster

The guys break down the newly revealed Dormammu model and compare him to the other resident badass, Thanos and his gems.  They also review the initial Convocation spoilers and give their thoughts about what modular leaderships could mean. To wrap things up, Marc talks about his experience running the new Sam Wilson Captain America in a few different configurations.

DorMathMu article: https://xavier-protocols.com/2021/08/09/dormathmu/?fbclid=IwAR0snwc7ADVlnPHLESdKgPJ4i0Cd1dKE572XG4UYMMgSSfDnmcNcPty3MtE

Marc's Avengers roster:

  • Black Panther (Threat: 4)
  • Black Widow (Threat: 2)
  • Captain America (Steve Rogers) (Threat: 4)
  • Ghost-Spider (Threat: 3)
  • Hawkeye (Threat: 3)
  • Okoye (Threat: 2)
  • Valkyrie (Threat: 3)
  • Amazing Spider-Man (Threat: 5)
  • Iron Fist (Threat: 3)
  • Captain America (Sam Wilson) (Threat: 3)


  • Tactics (8):

    • Advanced R&D
    • Avengers Assemble
    • Brace for Impact (R)
    • Disarm
    • Field Dressing (R)
    • Bitter Rivals
    • Heroes for Hire
    • Tactical Analysis
  • Secure Crisis (3):
    • Cosmic Invasion! Black Order Descends on Earth (Threat: 16)
    • Riots Spark Over Extremis 3.0 (Threat: 17)
    • S.W.O.R.D. Establishes Base on Moon's Blue Area (Threat: 14)
  • Extract Crisis (3):
    • Mystic Wakandan Herbs: Fact or Fiction? (Threat: 15)
    • Struggle for the Cube Continues (Threat: 17)
    • Research Station Attacked! (Threat: 16)